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O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo is the Quad City areas most recommended Tattoo and Body Piercing shop …and for good reason! It has been voted the “Best Tattoo Establishment” by the people of the Quad Cities for the past 10 years and running! We opened our doors at our original location in 1999 and have spent the past 20 years pioneering the modern professional tattoo establishment. With top notch artists and two full-time body piercers between our two convenient locations, we at O.D. believe that each customer deserves the best experience possible. The secret to our success comes by setting a high standard in not only quality but service. Our front end management team is friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgable. Come experience the difference!!!

ESTABLISHED IN 1999... O'Tool Design Custom Tattoo or as many know us as, O.D. Custom Tattooing opened its doors in August 1999. Some of my fondest memories are of those days. So much has changed since then, and the tattoo industry has grown so large that it honestly is difficult to express what it was like then.  Not only was there no media or hardly even cell phones at that time, but there weren't any TV shows glorifying tattooing. As a matter fact tattooing was still very taboo and still very much under ground. It was a very exciting time, and it really meant something to be a part of that scene. To be different. To be unique and to try to be as one of a kind as you could. 


At that time there were less than a handful of shops in the Quad city area and we were the younger generation of tattooed...pioneering what would become the modern Tattoo shop movement.  What was so different? I would say the number one goal that we set out to achieve was to be different. When I say different I mean different in the sense of what it was like to walk into a tattoo shop. I don't care who you are and how many times you've been in a shop but chances are the feelings are mutual and often the same. We've all walked into a tattoo shop and felt out of place. Maybe just a little bit uncomfortable. Maybe intimidated? Those are all the things that we set out to eliminate or at least do our best trying to. We wanted our shop to be inviting and a place people could feel welcome no matter what walk of life. On top of that we strive to be the cleanest, friendliest and most professional shop the quad cities had ever had. We wanted the atmosphere to be as close as "judge free" as possible zone.  It was an exciting time and we stood out. Nothing could bring us down and nothing can tear us apart... or would it?

Time eventually changes most everything, but one thing for certain, the original O'Tool Design Custom Tattoo crew set the standard that the shop still upholds today. I consider each one of these guys to be one of my closest friends still. I hold each one of them in the highest respect and when I sit down and talk about the good old days they're the ones I'm talking about. They are the ones that started it all.  Without them I would not be the person I am in the shop would not be as successful as it has become.  I thank them all.


Pictured here, the original O.D. Crew.  Ron "O2L" O'Tool, Jason "Wind" Nelson, Alex "Front Page" Pomps, Johnny "Newbomb" Kautz, and Nick "Nik" Brownberg.


We weren't just a shop, we were a gang of friends who all share the same ideals.  


Over the past 15 years O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo has remained on top by spear heading the modern tattoo shop movement, and has relentlessly insisted on offering the best in personal tattoo experience.   Made in the Q.C., O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo has two locations with 7 top notch Custom Tattoo Artists, and a professional Body Piercer at each location.  O.D. Custom Tattoo has been voted the “Best Tattoo Establishment” by the people many times over and offers a clean, friendly, and professional atmosphere.   We specialize in custom tattooing and work intensely with our customers to give them unique original designs.


O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo opened its doors in 1999 on 18th avenue in Rock Island Illinois and its 2nd location in beautiful downtown Davenport, Iowa in 2010.  With 2 convenient locations, visit either of our locations for all your tattoo and body piercing wants and needs.  It’s your body, don’t trust to just anyone.  Experience the BEST… Come Join the O.D. Family!

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