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Welcome To O'Tool Design Custom Tattoo please come in and make yourself at home! It is most important that you look through each of our professional artist portfolios and choose the artist for you! Each artist has their very own unique approach and style that will consistently reflect in their artwork.  If you like what you see in an artist portfolio, choose that particular artist to work with you. Choosing the artist you like best and working with them will most definitely ensure that you will  be happy with the tattoo! It is also important that you feel like the artist you were working with understands your wants and needs and is interested in the piece you've chosen to do.


We have full-time professional body piercers at both locations! If you like to get ahold of the piercer, send us a message using the contact page. It is important that you feel like the piercer you are working with understands your wants and needs and is interested in the piercing you've chosen. We use only the highest quality jewelry and offer the best selection of upgrade jewelry. And If we don’t have the jewelry of your choice we can help get it. 


Appointments required in Illinois.
Appointments strongly encouraged in Iowa.



* Can be purchased at either location during regular business hours
* Can be purchased for any amount desired
* Can be used at either location
* YOU choose the O.D. Professional tattoo artist of choice!
* Can be used over multiple sessions.  We will subtract from it until it is used up.  


- Gift certificates that have been purchased from      our store are good forever!  
- PRIZE Gift Certificates are good for ONLY ONE YEAR
- Gift Certificates from benefits are good for only ONE YEAR (even if you bid on it to raise money)
- ALL Gift Certificates are NON-REFUNDABLE!  



*as a reminder, persons must be at least 18 years of age to receive tattoo work by law in both Illinois and Iowa.  

*As a reminder gift cards cannot be used as deposits


Here at O’Tool Design, we require deposits on all scheduled tattoo appointments. Deposit amount vary, starting at $50 and increasing based on the amount of time scheduled. Taking a deposit secures your appointment and it also assures us that you in fact will show up for your scheduled tattoo appointment. Once your tattoo or tattoo work is complete, the money put down for your deposit will go towards the total cost of your tattoo. If you are returning in sessions to complete your desired tattoo work, the deposit payed will then be held and will rollover and go towards your next scheduled appointment. This original deposit will continue to be used on each future appointment until your sessions are complete. Once your tattoo work is complete and you will not be making another appointment continuing tattoo work, your deposit will go towards the price of your final appointment cost.

  • We require a least a 24 hour notice if you can not make your scheduled appointment. As long as you give us 24 hours or more notice, we will be more than happy to reschedule your appointment to a future date and time. 

  • If you fail to give us 24 hour notice and “no call, no show” on the day of your appointment or do not show up for any reason, you will forfeit your deposit. You will be required to pay a new deposit if you wish to reschedule at that point.

  • ALL DEPOSITS are NON-REFUNDABLE.  The reason we do NOT refund deposits is because the appointment date has been held for a period of time, and we have denied other potential customers to acquire this time slot. We may have denied another customer of the opportunity to get tattooed on the date you reserved, therefore we keep the deposit to cover our loss.  

  • O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo keeps full schedule and we take deposits from customers so that we have collateral.  We cannot afford for people to NOT SHOW UP.  When we take deposits, the customer now has vested interest in the appointment and will make certain to handle it responsibly.  This system works well. We do NOT wish to upset customers with this SHOP POLICY.

  • If the artist you have made your appointment with is no longer tattooing at O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo, at the time of your appointment you can choose any of our professional artist from either location to complete the tattoo for you.  

  • If you have session work already started and desire to have the artist who started the work complete the tattoo work, we understand and your deposit will be refunded.

  • If we make a mistake and we have to reschedule your tattoo appointment less than 24 hours before the tattoo, we will credit you with a $50 gift certificate that can be used for your tattoo, to for future tattoo work. (These Gift certificates can only be used towards the cost of tattoo work)

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