* Can be purchased at either location during regular business hours
* Can be purchased for any amount desired
* Can be used at either location
* YOU choose the O.D. Professional tattoo artist of choice!
* Can be used over multiple sessions.  We will subtract from it until it is used up.  

Purchased Gift Certificates

- Gift certificates that have been purchased from our store are good forever!  
- PRIZE Gift Certificates are good for ONLY ONE YEAR
- Gift Certificates from benefits are good for only ONE YEAR (even if you bid on it to raise money)
- ALL Gift Certificates are NON-REFUNDABLE!  



Are you wanting to surprise somebody but don’t have time to stop in to purchase a gift card? Do you live out of town? We are now offering gift cards over the phone. It’s just that easy!


1) call either of our quad city locations by phone 

2) we will gather all the necessary information needed and enter it into our POS system

3) starting at $50 you can purchase any amount you would like!

4) we will then either email you or text you your receipt

5) we can then access it at either location and the gift card will be waiting for them at either location when they are ready to use it! 



*as a reminder, persons must be at least 18 years of age to receive tattoo work by law in both Illinois and Iowa.  

*As a reminder gift cards cannot be used as deposits