Congratulations on your new tattoo work! Now it is time to take care of it…
O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo uses a few different methods for the “Healing Process” of your new tattoo. Your artist will advise and instruct you on which method will be best for you depending on what you got tattooed. Because there are so many different size tattoos and areas of the body to get them, our recommendation will differ depending on what you got, the size, and the placement.  

Regular bandaged tattoos

Regular bandaged tattoos are tattoos that have been treated with an after care product and then covered with a thin plastic bandage after your tattoo.  We use this method frequently and we use it typically for someone who is going to be using one of our professional after care lotions, gels, or ointments.  You will want to remove this temporary bandage with in 2 hours after it has been applied.  We do not recommend you leaving this type of bandage on for a long period of time, especially if you plan to go out, go back to work, or be on the go for a period longer than a few hours.  

Helpful Hints!

  •  Always wash your hands before caring for your new tattoo

  • Always wash your hands before applying professional aftercare products to your new tattoo

  • When applying professional aftercare products such as lotions, gels or ointments to your new tattoo, use a modest amount. Do NOT apply a thick layer over the top of your new tattoo, but rather, use small amount continuously rubbing in the ointment to your new tattoo until it is moist and the product has absorbed in the skin. This way your new tattoo can breathe easily and get air. 

  • Do not re-bandage your new tattoo if a temporary bandage was applied.  Wash your hands, remove the bandage after one hour, and apply only a thin layer of professional after care product to your new tattoo.

  • NEVER use VASELINE on your new tattoo.  It is a petroleum and will not allow your new tattoo to breathe causes prolonged healing and possible color loss.

  • Stay away from Chlorine!  Chlorine is one of the WORST chemicals for your skin and fresh tattoo.

  • Try your best to stay out of direct sun light.  Especially heavy summer sun!  Direct sunlight on your new tattoo can be painful, causing your under layers of skin to burn.  

  • If your skin breaks out after using any ointments, gels, or lotions, discontinue use IMMEDIATELY!

  • If consistent redness and tenderness around the perimeter of your new tattoo occurs, this could be a sign of infection.  If you are concerned, please contact us immediately, or consult a physician.

  • No long soaking in bath tubs until your tattoo has pealed and you feel it os well on its way to completely healing.

  • Prepare your bed with “Tattoo Sheets”  …The first few nights after you get a new tattoo be mindful that your fresh tattoo may discharge on your bed.

  • If you wake up and your new tattoo is stuck on the sleeve of your shirt, or on your sheets, DO NOT panic and pull material away from it.  Find luke warm water and pat lightly until fabric loosens and you can remove it from your skin.


If your artist decided not apply one of these professional healing products on your new tattoo, then make sure to follow instructions.

When using these products, you will leave it on your skin over top of the new tattoo area for 3 days.  after 3 days, remove this bandage and begin using either a quality non-scented lotion, or one of our recommended professional after care products.

* If your bandage begins to come off before your 3 day healing period, please contact one of our convenient locations and we will gladly re-apply bandage.  If you are unable to make it in, wash hands, remove the bandage completely, and continue healing with one of our recommended professional aftercare products until it is healed.

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