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What about O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo?

Over the past 15 years O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo has remained on top by spear heading the modern tattoo shop movement, and has relentlessly insisted on offering the best in personal tattoo experience.   Made in the Q.C., O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo has two locations with 8 Top Notch Custom Tattoo Artist, and a professional Body Piercer at each location.  O.D. Custom Tattoo has been voted the “Best Tattoo Establishment” by the people many times over and offers a clean, friendly, and professional atmosphere.   We specialize in custom tattooing and work intensely with our customers to give them unique original designs.

O’Tool Design Custom Tattoo opened its doors in 1999 on 18th avenue in Rock Island Illinois and its 2nd location in beautiful downtown Davenport, Iowa in 2010.  With 2 convenient locations, visit either of our locations for all your tattoo and body piercing wants and needs.  It’s your body, don’t trust to just anyone.  Experience the BEST… Come Join the O.D. Family!



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Deposits on Tattoo’s

Thank you for choosing O.D. Custom Tattoo!  We look forward to working with you.  This Deposit has been taken to ensure you’re appointment and is non-refundable.  The deposit will go towards the price of your tattoo.  If you have multiple sessions to complete your tattoo the deposit will then roll-over to the next appointment and will continue to do so until the tattoo is complete, in which case your deposit will then go toward the price of your final session.  If you decide to set up another appointment at that time you can push your deposit and use it for the next tattoo.  You can reschedule your tattoo appointment as long as you give more than a 24 hour notice.  If you do not give at least a 24 hour notice and cannot make your appointment, or you forget and do not call or show up you will forfeit your deposit.  If you fail to call, reschedule in a timely manner, or no call no show you will be required to put down a new deposit to reschedule a new appointment

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be purchased at either location and can be used with any of our Topnotch Artist. Here are a few facts and commonly asked questions about our Gift Certificates.

Do Gift Certificates expire?  All Gift Certificates are good for ONE YEAR.  WE do sell Gift Certificates but we also donate them to many great local causes in our community to help with fund raisers for those in need as well.  As long as you have an appointment made within one year you are good.

Can I use my Gift Certificate for my deposit on my tattoo?  No you may not.  We require a cash deposit to reserve Tattoo appointments.  Keep in mind that the Cash deposit goes toward the price of your tattoo, so we are not trying to get any extra money from you, however in our experience customers tend to show up for appointments when they have money invested of their own.  Gift Certificates are a gift and often times when something is given to you, you don’t hold as dearly to your heart and may or may not care if you lose it.  Cash or credit only on deposits.


What happens if I miss my appointment?   If you call and give us more than 24 hours notice about issues with your appointment, weather it being something has come up or you want to re-schedule, we have no problem with that.   However if you give us less than a 24 hour notice on reschedule, or no call no show you forfeit your deposit.  You are required to pay another deposit if you lose your original deposit to be put back in the books.

What happens if I show up and my artist is sick or cannot make the appointment?   We value our customers immensely and we also know your time is as important as ours.  With this being said, if we cannot accommodate you on your appointment date and this upsets you, we will gladly give you a $50 Gift Certificate for you troubles.


What aftercare product should I use on my new tattoo?  There are a variety of aftercare products and techniques you can use for taking care of your tattoo.  Fact is we cannot recommend only one because each person is different.  We carry a variety of aftercare products and recommend that if you start use of one and have any type of reaction to it, you should stop use immediately and try another.

What advice would you give me to take best care of my new tattoo?   Keep the tattoo clean and free from irritation from clothing.  Do not keep tattoo bandaged, it is good for your new tattoo to get fresh air.  Always wash hands before applying any ointment on your fresh tattoo.  Use thin layer of ointment. Stay out of tanning beds because your outer layer of protective skin has been damaged and direct light of that extreme is harsh.  Don’t hang out in the direct sunshine!  You can get an infection from heavy exposure from sunlight.  Stay out of chlorine or lakes until your tattoo has pealed and is on its way to entirely being healed.


Do you guarantee tattoo work?  We pride ourselves in great tattoo work and customer service.  We want you to be happy with your tattoo.  If you have any concerns about the healed product of your tattoo or feel it needs a touch up, please take time to visit us in person so we can see the tattoo and discuss what needs to be done with it.  NOTE:  Tattoo’s done on feet, hands, face, or neck are NOT GUARENTEED and you will be required to pay a minimum of $50.00 to touch up these types of tattoos.

Do you have a minimum price on tattoo’s?  Yes, we start our price at $75.00 and go from there.

Can I bring in my own design to get tattooed?  Absolutely!  We are a full service custom tattoo shop and thrive on original custom tattoos.  Bring in any references or sketches you’d like.  We can work at perfectly replicating the design  or take your rough sketch and we will clean it up for you.

Do I have to make an appointment for my tattoo?   We do accept walk-ins and if we have the time we will certainly take care of you.  However, to guarantee time, call or stop in ahead and make an appointment.

Can I bring my children with me for my tattoo appointment?   If you must.  However the process of a tattoo can be lengthy and we hate to see kids expected to sit still for a long period of time and would rather not baby sit.  It can be distracting for us to have kids running around.  If you have single child it is easier to deal with.  Please do not bring in 3 kids and expect them to behave and remain calm for 2 or 3 hours.  Use your best judgment on this and if you must bring in children at least bring something for them to keep occupied with while here.

Do you work on tattoos that were done somewhere else?   We keep an open mind and if you need help finishing a tattoo that was started somewhere else and don’t want to go back we understand.  Talk with each individual artist before setting up an appointment if this is the case and make them aware of your situation.   Keep in mind that we may want to start over on the tattoo if it is SHoTTy work…and most likely won’t just fill in color on a tattoo that has ShaKeY outlines.  After all, even if we are taking over on a tattoo for you any tattoo that leaves our shops reflects on us.

Does Nick work out?  No

Is Ron really a Warlock?  From time to time.